Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Completely Interchangeable Solenoid Valve Coils and Bodies Make Life Much Easier for Your Maintenance Staff

Rotex Solenoid Valves
ROTEX Solenoid Valves with
Completely Interchangeable Coils
ROTEX Controls line of industrial solenoid valves are the best choice for industrial plants today. While the life-time warranty against coil burnout would normally be enough reason (the ROTEX coil is so well designed and the quality is so strong that ROTEX stands behind them unconditionally for their lifetime) the most compelling reason to choose ROTEX solenoids for your plant is their complete coil/body interchangeability.

All ROTEX solenoid valve bodies and coils are interchangeable, allowing for more efficient and less costly inventory. But most importantly, they make it very easy for maintenance crews to quickly change out valves - no matter the area classification or valve type. Other manufacturers’ valves have to be matched, so to be safe, valve and coil are replaced - even when nothing is wrong with one component.

With ROTEX, all that’s needed is the replacement of individual part. This is a greatly appreciated feature, particularly during late night service calls or when searching through storeroom shelves looking for the right part.

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