Friday, October 11, 2013

What are NAMUR Mount and Pipe Mounted Solenoid Valve Mounting Styles?

NAMUR Mount Solenoid
When selecting a solenoid valve for valve automation, the preferred mounting method needs to be considered. The two most common choices available are "NAMUR" mount and "PIPE" mount.

NAMUR on Actuator
NAMUR mount solenoids use a standardized "sub-plate" which months directly to the actuator on one side and to the solenoid valve on the other. This adaptor allows for quick change-out and minimizes the amount of plumbing required and is therefore less expensive to install.

Pipe Mount Solenoid
Pipe mount solenoids use the supply piping for support and mounting. Pipe mount solenoids are less compact and require more effort to service, but can be installed on any system as you are not limited to a pre-existing pattern and have more selection in valve size.
Pipe Mount on Actuator

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