Friday, September 6, 2013

Gas Over Oil Actuators for High Pressure Gas Lines

ROTEX Gas over oil
Gas Over Oil Actuator
Gas Over Oil actuators are used on gas transmission lines where there is sour gas (Hydrogen Sulphide) present. Because of the lack of electricity or other energy sources in remote locations, the pipeline gas is used as the energy source for the actuator, isolating the corrosive gas gas from the wetted parts of the actuator with hydraulic oil.

With the hydraulic oil energized by the pipeline gas, these actuators can operate with gas pressures up to 2000 PSI and are typically used in tandem with scotch yoke actuators (in ROTEX case the DRS, DRV, HYV or any other make of actuators). The hydraulic oil bathes the internal actuator mechanism, preventing the internal corrosion, and providing maintenance-free, high cycle and long life.

Gas-Over-Oil include a secondary storage tanks for up to 3 additional operations, in case of loss of the primary gas supply. The actuators can be used to power 1/4 turn actuators, or linear actuators for rising stem valves.

Gas over oil actuators general features include:

  • Line break control integrated with manual reset function. On exceeding the leak rate, the LBC valve operates shutdown valve and closes the main valve. Requires manual reset.
  • Torque control ensures that the actuator does not exceed the maximum seal torque for stem can be supplied. 
  • Manual hand pumps.
  • Gas filtration and dehumidification.

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  1. I used plumber's teflon tape at both of my hose connections, as they're more or less permanent. The goyen solenoid valves operate smoothly and effectively, and none of the junctions leak.