Thursday, September 12, 2013

Critical Service, Triple Off-Set Metal Seated Butterfly Valves with ASME Supply Tank, Fusable Links and Manual Hydraulic Over-Ride

16" & 10 " Triple Off-set Valves automated block valves. These are pneumatically operated valves with ASME air tanks for fail close operation on loss of electrical signal. Also included are manual hydraulic over-ride cylinders and spring loaded 3-way diverter valves with "fusible links.

After installation of valve in to pipe line, plant air is supplied to the tank inlet valve. A pipe from the tank outlet to the actuator  with filter and regulator provides the actuator clean, regulated supply air.

All electrical connections for limit switch and solenoid valves are terminated in the limit switch housing.

Valve are supplied with small 3-way ball valves with fire-safe "fusible" links and spring loaded handles that will close the valve in the event of a fire.

The manual hydraulic over-ride is used in case of loss of air, or loss of electric. 6 foot and 15 foot hydraulic lines are used to supply the hydraulic cylinders power and must be connected of the valves will not function.

As designed, these valves open in under 5 seconds and close in 1.6 seconds, have the ability to be manually over ridden in the event of a loss of air or electric, and have fire-safe spring loaded links to close the valve in the event of a fire.

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